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January 2, 1994Top 20 videos of 1993
January 30, 1994host Lewis Largent
February 6, 1994Rocket From The Crypt
February 13, 1994Dig, Kirstin Hersh
February 27, 1994Gavin Report Convention
March 6, 1994Primal Scream, George Clinton
March 20, 1994Green Day
April 3, 1994Pavement, Possum Dixon
New April 10, 1994Jawbox, Liz Phair
April 17, 1994Meat Puppets
May 1, 1994Buffalo Tom
New May 8, 1994Live
New May 15, 1994Paul Weller, Violent Femmes
New May 22, 1994Mazzy Star
May 29, 1994Beastie Boys
June 5, 1994Juliana Hatfield
June 12, 1994Elvis Costello
June 19, 1994Frank Black
July 10, 1994Billy Corgan at Lollapalooza
July 17, 1994Cracker
July 24, 1994Justin and Dean of Luna
July 31, 1994MC 900 ft. Jesus
August 7, 1994L7 and Maggie Estep at Lollapalooza
August 14, 1994Richard Butler of Love Spit Love
August 21, 1994Henry Rollins
August 28, 1994Bad Religion
September 4, 1994Bob Mould, Lou Barlow
September 18, 1994host Lewis Largent
September 25, 1994Grant Lee Buffalo
October 2, 1994Liz Phair, Casey Rice
October 9, 1994They Might Be Giants
October 16, 1994host Lewis Largent
November 13, 1994Michael Stipe
November 27, 1994Nina and Louise of Veruca Salt
New December 4, 1994(playlist only)
December 25, 1994host Lewis Largent
 March 6, 1994
Source for this playlist: Brian D.
Hosted by Lewis Largent
Guests: Primal Scream w/ George Clinton

Buffalo Tom "I'm Allowed"
Liz Phair "Stratford-On-Guy"
Pavement "Cut Your Hair" (MTV Premiere)
Peter Murphy "Cuts You Up" (Cult Classic)
(Interview w/ Andrew Innes & Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream)
Primal Scream "Rocks"
Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm"
Sarah McLachlan "Possession"
(Interview #2 w/ Innes & Gillespie)
(Interview #3 w/ Innes & Gillespie)
The Cranberries "Dreams" (Buried Man/ Long cord version)
Afghan Whigs "Gentlemen"
(Interview w/ Bobby Gillespie & George Clinton)
Primal Scream "Jailbird" (Live in-studio)
Elvis Costello "13 Steps Lead Down" (MTV Premiere)
Green Day "Longview"
Primal Scream w/ George Clinton "Funky Jam" (Live in-studio)
Judas Priest "Locked In"
Greenberry Woods "Trampoline"
Possum Dixon "Watch the Girl Destroy Me"
Cocteau Twins "Bluebeard"
Dentists "Gas"
Soundgarden "Spoonman"
Greta "Is It What You Wanted"
Credits play over Primal Scream "Rocks" (Live in-studio)
 April 10, 1994
Source for this playlist: Ronald E.
Host: Lewis Largent
Guests: Jawbox, Liz Phair

Interview w/ J. Robbins & Kim Colletta of Jawbox
Jawbox - Savory
Primal Scream - Rocks
Interview w/ J. Robbins & Kim Colletta of Jawbox
Cracker - Get Off This
Jawbox - Motorist (Live 120 Minutes)
Back from commercial break - Lewis Largent mentions that next week will feature Meat Puppets w/ special guest host, back by popular demand, Thurston Moore.
Liz Phair interview (talking about ‘Exile In Guyville’)
Liz Phair - Never Said
Meat Puppets - Backwater
More Liz Phair interview
Profile on Scottish band One Dove
Liz Phair - 6'1" (Live 120 Minutes)

Lewis Largent mentions a special live performance by Matthew Sweet as well as videos by Cell, the Spinanes, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward, Cracker and more
Premiere from Backbeat Band from "Backbeat", the new movie about the Beatles, brief interview w/ Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs about what rock ‘n roll means to him followed by video:
Backbeat Band - Money featuring Dulli, Thurston Moore and Dave Grohl
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

I didn't record the show in its entirety, so this, unfortunately, is incomplete.
 May 22, 1994
Source for this playlist: Tom A.
Guest: Mazzy Star

Johnny Cash - Delia's Gone
The Cure - The Hanging Garden
Mazzy Star - "Bells Ring" (Live 120 Minutes)
(partial playlist only)
 July 24, 1994
Source for this playlist: Chris E.
Guest Hosts: Justin Harwood and Dean Wareham of Luna

Brief interview of Trent Reznor
Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"
Sunny Day Real Estate - "Seven"
Fretblanket - "Twisted" (NME's recent "single of the week")
Nirvana - "Sliver"
Luna - "Slash Your Tires" (snippet)
Luna - "This Time Around"
The Lemonheads - "It's About Time"
Mazzy Star - "Halah"

Top 10 Alternative Radio Albums
10. Lush - Split
9. Green Day - Dookie
8. Frank Black - Teenager of the Year
7. Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
6. Seal - Seal (1994)
5. Beastie Boys - Ill Communication
4. Blur - Parklife
3. Soundgarden - Superunknown
2. Toad the Wet Sprocket - Dulcinea
1. The Offspring - Smash

Luna - "Slide" (snippet)
Interview of Boon from Inspiral Carpets
Inspiral Carpets - "Saturn 5"
Dinosaur Jr. - "Whatever's Cool with Me"
Deconstruction - "L.A. Song"
Galaxie 500 - "Fourth of July" (snippet)
Interviews / piece of Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys - "Sabotage"

Pavement - "Gold Soundz"
The Offspring - "Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)"
Luna - "Friendly Advice" (live performance in studio)
Bjork - "Human Behavior"
Jewels - "Heavenly Puppet" (snippet)
Interview of Jawbox
Jawbox - "Cooling Card"
Primal Scream - "Jailbird"
Weezer - "Undone (The Sweater Song)"
The Feelies - "Away" (snippet)
Bailter Space - "X"
Belly - "Feed the Tree"
L7 - "Andres"
Snippet of interview with Lush
Queen Sarah Saturday - "Seems"
As credits roll, a live performance of an unnamed song by Luna
 September 18, 1994
Source for this playlist: Chris E.
Hosted by Lewis Largent (says they couldn't get anyone, not even Henry Rollins, to host)

They Might Be Giants- "Snail Shell"
Sonic Youth- "Superstar"
The Jesus and Mary Chain (feat. Hope Sandoval)- "Sometimes Always"
The Jesus and Mary Chain- "Just Like Honey"
dada- "All I Am"
Weezer- "Undone- The Sweater Song"
Magnapop- "Slowly, Slowly"

Countdown of Top Ten Alternative Radio Albums of Week
10. Sugar- File Under Easy Listening
9. Live- Throwing Copper
8. Dinosaur Jr.- Without a Sound
7. Weezer- Weezer
6. DGC Rarities, Vol. 2- various artists
5. Love Spit Love- Love Spit Love
4. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Stoned and Dethroned
3. Green Day- Dookie
2. The Offspring- Smash
1. Stone Temple Pilots- Purple

Shudder to Think- "Hit Liquor"
Sugar- "Your Favorite Thing"
G. Love and Special Sauce- "Cold Beverage"
Violent Femmes- "Machine"
Beastie Boys- "Sure Shot"
Compulsion- "Delivery"
Smashing Pumpkins- "Rhinoceros"
Rancid- "Salvation"
Velocity Girl- "I Can't Stop Smiling"
Love Spit Love- "Am I Wrong"
Boingo- "Insanity"
311- "Homebrew"
The Offspring- "Self Esteem"
Blur- "Parklife"
 September 25, 1994
Source for this comment: Adam R.

I believe Grant Lee Buffalo played "Mockingbirds" on 120 minutes on September 25, 1994. I have a recording of the performance that has the typical 120 minutes "intro" screen, which lists the performer, the song, and the date (without the year).

I think it was 1994 because the album "Mighty Joe Moon" was released on 9/20/1994, so I'm guessing they were on the show to promote the album by playing one of the songs. - Adam


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