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January 1, 1989Top 20 videos of 1988
January ?, 1989(playlist only)
January 29, 1989(playlist only)
February ?, 1989host Kevin Seal
New March 12, 1989Andy Perry of Easterhouse
March ?, 1989(playlist only)
March ?, 1989Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
April 2, 1989(playlist only)
April 9, 1989The Dead Milkmen
April 16, 1989Throwing Muses
May 21, 1989(playlist only)
May 28, 1989Tom Tom Club
June 4, 1989Marky Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone
June 11, 1989(playlist only)
June 25, 1989(playlist only)
July ?, 1989(playlist only)
August ?, 1989(playlist only)
September 3, 1989(playlist only)
October 23, 1989(playlist only)
November 20, 1989(playlist only)
December ?, 1989(playlist only)
December 17, 1989host Dave Kendall
 February ?, 1989
Source for this playlist: Amy Macnamara
Host: Kevin Seal with swirly background!

The Fall - "Big New Prinz"
Cowboy Junkies - "Sweet Jane"
Marc Almond - "Tears Run Rings"
New Order - "Fine Time"
The Saints - "Graind Of Sand"
The Go-Betweens - "Was There Anything I Could Do?"
-Tour dates for Hothouse Flowers for February, which is the only clue I had for dating this episode!
-New Music News: A band called Spiral Jetty (in which Kevin Seal takes jabs at their pretentiousness!) and what members of The Clash are doing these days (heavily features Mick Jones' recovery from chicken pox!)
The Pogues - "Yeah Yeah Yeah"
The Wolfgang Press - "Kansas"
The Pursuit Of Happiness - "Hard To Laugh"
Voice Of The Beehive - "Don't Call Me Baby"
Kevin Seal mentions to tune in next week after "the British Comic Strip."
Copyright date at the end of the credits is 1989.
 April 9, 1989
Sources for this playlist: Dr. Rock, Harold G.
Host: Kevin Seal
Guest: The Dead Milkmen

New Order "Round & Round"
Lou Reed "Dirty Blvd"
Beatnigs "Television"
The Smiths "Boy With The Thorn In His Side"
Thelonious Monster "So What If I Did"
Animated short: "Angry Youth: Steve & Zoya in 'Where's the Party?'"
In studio segment: Dead Milkmen interview
Plimsouls "Million Miles Away"
Elvis Costello "Veronica"
In studio segment: Dead Milkmen interview
Dead Milkmen "Big Time Operator"
Dead Milkmen "The Puking Song" live in studio
Hugo Largo "The Turtle Song"
Wonder Stuff "Give Give Give Me More More More"

MTV promo: "Max"
In studio segment: Dead Milkmen interview
Go-Betweens "Streets Of Your Town"
Pursuit Of Happiness "Hard To Laugh"
Easterhouse "Come Out Fighting"
In studio segment: Dead Milkmen read fan mail
Thrashing Doves "Angel Visit"
Jane's Addiction "The Mountain Song"
in studio segment: Dead Milkmen interview
Dead Milkmen "Punk Rock Girl"
He Said "Could You"
Proclaimers "On My Way"
In studio segment: Dead Milkmen interview


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