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January 3, 1993Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones
January 10, 1993Dave and Karl of Soul Asylum
January 17, 1993Fred Schneider of The B-52’s
January 31, 1993Henry Rollins
February 14, 1993Robyn Hitchcock
February 28, 1993The Sundays
March 7, 1993Depeche Mode (host Matt Pinfield)
March 14, 1993They Might Be Giants
April 4, 1993Natalie Merchant
April 11, 1993Thurston Moore
June 6, 1993Brett and Bernard of Suede
June 13, 1993Bob Mould of Sugar
June 20, 1993PJ Harvey
June 27, 1993Lollapalooza
July 25, 1993Urge Overkill
August 1, 1993Juliana Hatfield
August ?, 1993Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy
September 5, 1993They Might Be Giants
September 12, 1993The Breeders
September 19, 1993Robert Smith of The Cure
September 26, 1993host Lewis Largent
October 3, 1993Nirvana, Buffalo Tom
December 7, 1993Luscious Jackson
December 14, 1993The Connells
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Source for this playlist: Steevo M.
Hosts: They Might Be Giants (John Linnell and John Flansburgh)

TMBG sings: "There are 120 minutes in the show, and just 119 minutes to go..."
Brief interview with Matt Johnson
The The - Dogs of Lust
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Dear Prudence
Brief interview with Robyn Hitchcock
Robyn Hitchcock - Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
Smashing Pumpkins - Siva
They Might Be Giants - The Guitar
Jellyfish - The Ghost at Number One
Dinosaur Jr. - Start Choppin'

Top Ten Alternative Albums (no videos, just the list)
10 - 808 State - One in Ten
9 - Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales
8 - Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion
7 - King Missile - Happy Hour
6 - Ultra Vivid Scene - Rev
5 - Shonen Knife - Let's Knife
4 - Dinosaur Jr. - Where You Been
3 - Jesus Jones - Perverse
2 - The The - Dusk
1 - Belly - Star

Frank Black - Los Angeles
Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane
Shonen Knife - Riding on the Rocket
TMBG sings: "There are 120 minutes in the show, and just 59 minutes to go..."
Juliana Hatfield - I See You
Gumball - Accelerator
Goo Goo Dolls - We Are The Normal
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
Brief interview with Ween, and brief tape of live concert performance by Ween
Ween - Push the Little Daisies
School of Fish - Take Me Anywhere
Stereo MC's - Connected
Pond - Agatha
R.E.M. - Fall On Me
Pure - Blast
Spoken word piece by Maggie Estep
TMBG sings: "Then we die, then we die, then we die, then we die..."
Saint Etienne - You're in a Bad Way
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Sources for this playlist: Jenn B., Ratan X.
120 Minutes w/ Thurston Moore guest host (partial)

1st Hour
New Order "Regret"
Sex Pistols "Anarchy In The UK"
Goo Goo Dolls "We Are The Normal"
Kate Bush "Love & Anger"
Ramones "Touring"
The Judybats "Being Simple"
Dinosaur Jr. "Start Choppin'"

top 10 alternative albums (to help to get a date)
10. lenny kravitz "are you gonna go my way"
9. the the "dusk"
8. hothouse flowers "songs from the rain"
7. living colour "stain"
6. robyn hitchcock "respect"
5. sting "ten summoner's tales"
4. frank black "frank black"
3. depeche mode "songs of faith & devotion"
2. dinosaur jr. "where you been"
1. belly "star"

Chris Mars "Public Opinion"
Sugar "If I Can't Change Your Mind"
Suede "Metal Mickey"
Sonic Youth "Sugar Kane"

2nd Hour
Butthole Surfers "Who Was In My Room Last Night?"
The Beloved "Sweet Harmony"
MTVNews Matthew Sweet interview about "Altered Beast" recording
Superchunk "Precision Auto" (debut)
Morrissey "Ouija Board, Ouija Board"
-show cut off-

(another episode)
only the last 4 videos...
120 min. Hosted by They Might Be Giants (partial) 1993 copyright
Pond "Agatha"
R.E.M. "Fall On Me"
Pure "Blast"
Saint Etienne "You're in a Bad Way"
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Source for this playlist: Nick B.
I have a taped episode from 1993. It's hosted by Lewis Largent and features interviews with Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy, aired from the Crystal Palace in London, England for the final European show of DM's Devotional Tour. That show was July 31, 1993.

My guess is that the air date is sometime in August of 1993, which, based on what you have in the archive already, would make it August 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th. The only way to narrow it down any further is that Lewis mentioned that Paul Westerberg would be the host next week.

Here's that setlist:
Host: Lewis Largent
Guests: Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy

Soul Asylum (w/ Victoria Williams and the Sweet Relief Ensemble): Summer of Drugs
Verve: Slide Away
PJ Harvey: Man-Size
Camper Van Beethoven: Take The Skinheads Bowling
Depeche Mode: Walking In My Shoes
Catherine Wheel: Crank
R.E.M.: Everybody Hurts
Liz Phair: Never Said
The The: Slow Emotion Replay
Depeche Mode: I Feel You
Smashing Pumpkins: Cherub Rock
The Trash Can Sinatras: Bloodrush
Primus: Mr. Krinkle
Sisters of Mercy: This Corrosion
The Flaming Lips: Turn It On
Bjork: Human Behavior
The Judybats: Ugly On the Outside
Screaming Trees: Butterfly
Urge Overkill: Sister Havana

Through the show, Lewis interviews Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher, and Alan Moore individually. He also interviews Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy, a Sisters of Mercy fan named Carol, and then a couple of Depeche Mode fans. There's also a few clips of Depeche Mode playing live.
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Source for this playlist: Rick L.
Host: They Might Be Giants

The don't say the date on the show but I am 99% sure it is from 9/5/93. They have a brief interview with Robert Smith and are plugging the release of Show on 9/17/93 and Paris on 10/22/93, and mention that Lewis Largent will have the full Robert Smith interview "in the upcoming weeks", and that aired on 9/19/93. Also they mention that the Breeders will be hosting next week, and they hosted a show on 9/12/93.

Depeche Mode - Condemnation
Liz Phair - Never Said
Rocket From the Crypt - Sturdy Wrist
Suede - Animal Nitrate
Iggy Pop - Wild America
Catherine Wheel - Crank
The Cranberries - Linger
They Might Be Giants - Put your Hand Inside the Puppet Head
Killing Joke - Eighties
The Ocean Blue - Sublime
Mathew Sweet - Time Capsule
Robert Smith talking about the release of Show
The Cure - A Night Like This
Frank Black - Hang on to your Ego
They Might Be Giants - The Sun (Live)
The Smiths - Panic
Doughboys - Shine
New Order - World
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Afro
Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar (Live from the MTV Beachhouse)
Hoodoo Gurus - I Want You Back
Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
Butthole Surfers - Dust Devils
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Hosted by Lewis Largent

Iggy Pop- "Wild America"
Buffalo Tom- "Sodajerk"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 1- about the two live albums "Show" and "Paris"
The Cure- "Doing the Unstuck"
The Beastie Boys- "No Sleep Til Brooklyn"
Rocket from the Crypt- "Sturdy Wrists"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 2- he mentions how he's a Cowboys fan- particularily Emmit Smith
Suede- "The Drowners"
Blind Melon- "Tones of Home"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 3- about why they don't employ a manager
The Ocean Blue- "Sublime"
Radiohead- "Stop Whispering" (World Premiere)
The Afghan Whigs- "Debonair"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 4- about the departure of Porl Thompson
The Cure- "A Night Like This"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 5- about Simon Gallup drinking too much
Eve's Plumb- "Blue"
Liz Phair- "Never Said"
The Lemonheads- "Luka"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 6- about playing longer to please fans
Hazel- "Dayglo"
Soul Asylum- "Summer of Drugs"
Interview with Robert Smith of the Cure, part 7- talking about a roadie
The Cranberries- "Linger"


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